Welcome to the (Ant)ARCTIC Matters International Conference

"Expert selected specific issues on climate change"


City of Prague
City of Prague

Belgium EU Presidency

Belgium EU Presidency

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Czech Tourism

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Placed under auspices of:

- the Mayor of the City of Prague
- the Minister of Environment
- the Minister of Education, Youth & Sport
- CzechTourism
- the Belgian EU Presidency


1 July 2010
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Conference Chairman welcome word

I have the honor to cordially and warmly invite you to attend the Annual Conference of the International (Ant) ARCTIC MATTERS Organisation (AAM) , which will be held in Prague from 17th to 18th September 2010. The Conference and pre-conference venue of the meeting is the Municipal House (Obecni Dum), the premier Art Nouveau building in Prague located in the historical city centre.

The local organising committee and the international advisory Board have foreseen a most valuable programme covering all areas of climate change related issues and challenges in order to assist and inspire all participants in their daily responsible activities.

A Pre-conference Forum organised on 17th September 2010 on renewable energy will offer Czech entrepreneurs the visibility to promote their products and services. On that occasion, the Czech Society on Renewable Energy is aimed to be established.

The scientific and industrial exhibits will contribute substantially with innovative and relevant information.

Prague, as our host city for the 2010 Conference offers a beautiful backdrop that many consider to be the most beautiful city in Europe.Home not only to more than 2000 monuments, 50 museums, 120 galleries and the largest ancient castle in the world, nearly every architectural era is represented in this stunning city.

Prague AAM 2010 is waiting for you all. Don't miss it!

Dr. Radan Huth
Conference Chairman

President's message

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a honor and, indeed, a pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the (Ant) ARCTIC MATTERS (AAM) Organisation to the AAM European Conference in Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic.

Antarctica and polar regions are very fragile ecosystems and regulators of the global climate. Global climate is changing, due to human economic activities, documented by the overwhelming scientific body of evidence.

This confronts us with profound new realities. We face these new realities as consumers, producers and investors.

In this perspective, we are proud to announce the decision made by AAM to organise the Annual AAM Global Conference in combination with the European Exhibition Road Show.

On 17th September 2010, the Conference and the Exhibition will be officially opened, both located in the city centre.

The Conference is designed to serve as a solid platform to our stakeholders, both business and institutional representatives, to:

- Share knowledge on climate change related research findings
- Review the economics and security impact
- Exchange knowledge on clean technology and mobility
- Communicate institutional and business responsibility strategies

The Conference programme is secured thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Local Expect Council and our International Advisory Board. More than 20 experts and 6 officials from institutes, universities and business are meeting on a on a regular base basis to discuss and conclude on a high-end programme contents and speakers.

“Expert selected specific issues on climate change” is our clear programme message. Topics and speakers will fascinate delegates, no matter their background.

Our goal is to welcome 250 delegates in Prague. We will achieve it by a solid PR & communication strategy, co-promotional activities, professional logistic support, transparent long-term financial partnership and placed under the auspices of officials.

The outcome of the Prague Conference is designed to stimulate and encourage national authorities and business to adopt a realistic and achievable action plan describing initiatives for improvements in energy efficiency. The result of these initiatives is planned to be communicated at the next Conference in Hamburg in September 2011.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I sincerely hope you will experience a fruitful time in Prague and to share responsibility and to address the issue of climate change at the right level of importance.


Dr. Peter de Merlier