Executive Committee


Dixie Dansercoer, ambassador

Dixie Dansercoer is a world-renowned explorer, endurance athlete and photographer.

1997-98 - record-breaking crossing of ANTARCTICA 4000km
Feb-Jun 2007 - From Siberia to Greenland: world premier 1800 km in 106 days
Sep 2007-May 2008 - sailing expedition to the Antarctic peninsula

Jean-Pierre Deschepper, executive director

Graduated at the Antwerp High school for Architecture

1977–1981 - Diverse functions in companies specialized in advertizing & design (Belgium, France, NL)
1981 - Founder & GM of D&P Exhibition Design
1991 - Founder and managing partner of DDMC communication design
1992 - Founder and managing partner of TransAdvertising
2005 - Founder and managing partner of Alice Events
President of the multimedia theatre group CREW, Vice President of the ensemble for contemporary music Champ d’ Action

Merlier_1Peter de Merlier, president

Graduated at the State University of Ghent
- Pharmaceutical Sciences in (1989)
- Master of Science in Environmental Sanitation (1992)

1992-1993 - Head of the Pharmacy Supply Services for the Belgian Army for International Missions
1994-1997 - Scientific Affairs Manager Benelux, Abbott Laboratories
1997-2000 - Marketing Manager CEE, Abbott Laboratories
2001-2002 - Business Development Consultant, CCL
since 2002 - Managing Partner, CZECH-IN
Member of the Board of the NL Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, Member of Meeting Professionals International
Member of National Geographic – Team leader for research of accumulation of PCB’s in the births of prey in the Swiss Alps (1992)

International Advisory Board

Mr. John B Ritch
Director General
World Nuclear Association
London, UK
Mr. Piet Steel

Vice-President for European and Government Affairs
Toyota Motor Europe
Brussels, Belgium
Prof. Jean-Pascal van Ypersele

Vice - President
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Geneva, Switzerland
Mr. Ian Davies

European Evaluation Society
Paris, France
Dr. Radan Huth
Institute of Atmospheric Physics
of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Prague, Czech Republic

Support Team

  • Agnieszka Jablonska-Vezina, head office administrator
  • Hermann Jaegers, artistic director
  • KOAN, legal affair
  • DDMC, accountancy
  • CZECH-IN, professional congress organiser
  • Ogilvy, communication & PR