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Trainee Dinner CEECHE 2016

Date: 12 April, 2016

Please join trainees and early scientists from Central and Eastern Europe and the United States at the official Trainee Dinner and Social for CEECHE 2016! Baráčnická Rychta Restaurant It’s a “Real Czech restaurant with a slightly nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere, excellent Czech cuisine and Pilsner and Svijany beer”. If you are interested about the restaurant, please take a look at their website,

We will be joined by the participants of the Tuesday night Trainee Career Panel which will allow for continued discussions and questions related to scientific collaborations and career opportunities. For any questions related to this special event and how to join, please do not hesitate to contact the Trainee Coordinator, Mike Petriello ( or the Conference Secretariat. In case you wish to purchase a ticket, you can login in to your registration, write us an email or sign up on-site at the registration desk.

Come enjoy a traditional Czech meal that will include local food and beer located in the heart of Prague !

Please note: Price of the entry ticket is set at 22 EUR

Tips on what to do in Prague

Please feel free to email us at if you do not find what you are looking for bellow, conference secretariat staff is made up from local residents and we will more than happy to help you plan your visit.

Below are the things were deemed important, but there is so much more in Prague, if you looking for specific culture entertainment or sport activity, we can point you in right direction.


Prague, beautiful ancient city offers many variable opportunities for sightseeing. We would like to provide you with some inspiration how to spend your free time in this breathtaking city.

There are many agencies providing guided tours around the most significant places in Prague. For example we can recommend you some of them:

If you want to arrange a tour on your own, we can recommend you some tips for places you should see.

Old Town

The oldest part of city provides ideal place for enjoyable walking tour. You can enjoy walking through tiny winding streets full of history. Ideal place where to start your tour is Náměstí Republiky (Metro line B) where you can find beautiful building of Municipal House and Powder Gate. You can follow Celetná street to the Old Town Square with its famous astronomical clocks. Then you can roam around little streets which takes you to the Vltava River and its dominant – Charles Bridge from 14th century. Then you can climb up to the Prague castle and enjoy its beautiful view of Prague.

Prague Castle and Petřín

You can start your tour at the tram station Újezd, from where operates from 1891 the Petřín funicular. On the top of the hill you can find another dominant of Prague - miniature version of the Eiffel Tower – Petřín Tower or curiosity a Mirror Maze. After you relax walking in parks located all-around of this hill you can follow crest of the hill which leads you to the one of the world biggest castle complex - Prague Castle.

Vltava River

Do you enjoy longer walks rather than little crowded famous sites? Than a walk beside river Vltava is just for you. Although we recommend to start your walk from Charles Bridge (metro station “Staromestska” means “Old Town” at metro line A), you can start at random point once you reach river banks. Along your walk you can take pictures of historical buildings lining up on both sides of the river, or the Prague castle itself (nice whole picture from distance). You can always pick a restaurant or a club along the way or if you like small adventure, hire a small boat on the river (propelled by your own muscles or legs, depending on what time you rent). Its easy rental for hour or more, if you are interested best place to for this is “Slovansky Ostrov”. Just few minutes walk from Charles Bridge, for pictures and more info please use this link, This little island also have an international lever restaurant and park in case you change your mind.


Prague is also home to many scientific or cultural museums, small and big. Here is a list of most popular ones

National Museum

  • Place of historical worth in our modern history, it building is a dominant at Wenceslas square and the metro station at line C named “Museum” is self-telling. Even if you do not have time for a tour (some of you may recognize the inside halls from a lot of famous movies) taking a picture outside is a must.

National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror.

  • For those interested in WWII history, and how it affected our country as well as whole Europe.

Jewish Museum in Prague.

  • Located in one of the oldest Jewish quarters in whole Europe, a place and its surroundings will breath history on your every step of the way. A place of culture, ideas and past accomplishments often overlooked. Additionally you can visit old Jewish cemetery nearby, the tickets are not cheapest, but you cannot see anything like it anywhere else.

Franz Kafka Museum.

  • A museum dedicated not only to one of Europe greatest writers.

National Technical museum.

  • For those who prefer originals rather than small models. We definitely recommend to visit the website of the museum for interactive 3D pictures, it’s the museum best description. Its hard to find a Czech who never was there at least once.

Museum of Communism.

  • Quite a popular on of late, mostly amongst younger visitors. Its rather repository of artefacts from the time of Communism and 20year Soviet occupation

Food, Drink and Nightlife

We can always help you choose the best place for your evening entertainment at the registration desk, given your interest and taste, Prague offers great variety and closest doesn’t always mean to be the best. Please feel free to check up with our staff at the registration desk.

If you are looking for something close to hotel Diplomat, we recommend these two restaurants:

Restaurant Kulatak – Link to photo gallery as the website is not available in EN.

Restaurant Ural - Link to photo gallery as the website is not available in EN.

These of course are not the only ones around hotel Diplomat, you will be able to see at least two others just from the main entrance to the hotel.

And now some of the favourite places we usually recommend to first time visitors in Prague where you can enjoy local cuisine:

  • For typical beer and dinner

Švejk Restaurant U Karla

U Pinkasů

U Medvídků

  • For more special, with high level international cuisine,

Mlýnec Restaurant

  • For those who would like to see Prague from up high.

Aureole Restaurant

District Zizkov; (Žižkov Tower, with observatory and restaurant located 66 metres above ground)

As an end note, please bear in mind that if you visit “Chinese” type of restaurant in Czech republic, usually for fast and cheaper refreshment, anything you order will taste differently (high on fat for example) from that you are perhaps used to order in your country.

Honorable mentions

Depending how much time do you wish to spend in Prague, there places which make Prague unique not only in historical perspective…

Prague ZOO

  • Its hard to find its equal, either in Europe or in World. Not a boast, a statement confirmed by many Prague visitors from around the World (absolute min. visit time 4 hours, a whole day is recommended though)

Prague Botanic Garden

  • A little less time demanding than Prague Zoo and closer to city center. We especially recommend to go to “Fata Morgana” greenhouse.

Petrin Tower

  • For those brave enough to make the “Stair climb” on our own little Eiffel tower. Even if you do not make the climb up, the surrounding gardens filled with statues and hilltop view on Prague castle is worth to make a visit to this site (the only site not recommended in evening hours, as there is little to see after its dark)

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