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Session 1

Multiple Environmental Stressors and Health Status as a Variant of Disease: POPs, metals, mixtures, new and emerging pollutants

  • Mechanistic Toxicology:  Mechanistic studies both in vitro and in vivo of persistent organic pollutants, metals, mixtures, and new and emerging pollutants
  • Mechanistic Biological Response: The totality of human exposure, the concept of the exposome, and implications for the future of research on environmentally-induced diseases
  • Impacts across the lifecycle and developmental phases of high vulnerability (epigenetics), including topics relevant to children’s environmental health

Session 2

Understanding of Population Health Impacts of Exposure Science

  • Exposure science throughout the lifecycle
  • Epidemiological and geospatial studies
  • New advances in birth cohort studies
  • Determinants of health

Session 3

Sustainable Exposure Prevention through Innovative Detection and Remediation Technologies

  • Low-cost, real-time monitoring techniques
  • Novel methods for characterizing and assessing environmental exposure risks
  • Sustainable remediation approaches

Session 4

Preventing Environmental Disease through Multi-Level Interventions

  • Impacts of healthful lifestyle changes on environmentally induced diseases
  • Epigenetic impacts of healthful lifestyle changes
  • Behavioral interventions to reduce and prevent environmental exposures and related diseases

Session 5

Policies Associated with Prevention: Public & Global Health Perspectives

  • Policy-based strategies to reduce and prevent environmental exposures
  • New risk assessment paradigms
  • Considerations for susceptible populations and developmental health

Session 6

Adverse Effects of Engineered and Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

  • Toxic and health effects of engineered nanoparticles
  • Engine emissions under real traffic conditions
  • Major sources of particulate air pollution in Central Europe

Session 7

Special Topics Related to Environmental Pollution and Health

  • Emerging pollutants (electronic waste, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Pollutant exposures in indoor environments
  • US and European case studies
  • Other topics related to environmental health and remediation


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