A Great City for a Great Meeting

Prague CastleThe host city of the Centennial Retrovirus Meetingon will be Prague. Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czechia. It is situated on the bank of Vltava river in central Bohemia. The historical centre with a unique panorama of the Prague Castle is an urban conservation area of UNESCO. Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Almost 3 million tourists come to visit Prague every year. Prague has maintained its attraction for tourists and is renowned for being one of the world's most beautiful cities. It is an ancient capital of Charles IV's Bohemian Kingdom and its history is reflected in the beauty of the buildings. Almost one-half of the national income from tourism is realised on its territory. Prague has a wealth of accommodation options, many of them are at the walking distance from the town centre. Peak season generally runs from April to October and a major influx of visitors can be expected during New Year as well.St Mikulas‘Prague – the golden city.’ There can hardly be another town in the whole of central Europe that has been so often and so variously praised by the figures from all spheres of the arts. Rainer Maria Rilke described his birthplace, as “a vast and rich of epic of architecture”, and Goethe labeled it “the most beautiful jewel in the Bohemian crown”. The 19th-century Czech writer and journalist Jan Neruda, whose characteristically humorous literary depictions of Prague are still popular with readers today, claimed that “there is no other town to rival Prague in beauty”.

At the crossroads of centuries-old trade routes, and now the cultural and economic centre of Czechia, Prague is an art-filled jewel in the heart of Europe. Alive with music and culture, it offers elegant riverside promenades, breath-taking architecture and cafe-lined squares. One of the most beautiful and visited cities of Europe, this capital of 1.2 million has an incredible mix of Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture. The Vltava River winds through this "city of a hundred spires", its riverbanks and the surrounding hills contrasting with the compact, winding cobblestone streets of the old city centre.