6th International Workshop on Drug Delivery Systems for Nanomedicine has passed. We would like thank to all speakers for their participation on the scientific programme and all participants for their attendance.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Czech Republic during next Drug Delivery Systems Workshop. Dates to be announced.

Meanwhile you can see photogallery from Liblice 2008.

Your DDS Organisation Team


Terry Allen and Robert Lukac have kindly provided a link to their DDS 2008 gallery at Picasa.
Click here to see the pictures.

Thanks to Terry and Robert


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Dear colleagues and friends,


Organised by

on behalf of the Scientific Committee, I am pleased to invite you to participate in

The 6th International Workshop on Drug Delivery Systems for Nanomedicine: chemotherapy, immunotherapy and gene therapy of cancer

The meeting will take place October 3-6, 2008, in the Castle Liblice, the congress centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, located close to town Mělník. The choice of this facility enables us to prepare the workshop at very reasonable price while keeping a high standard of comfort in the castle having an atmosphere of friendliness.

The scientific programme of this meeting will cover many aspects of drug delivery systems for chemo-, immuno and gene therapy of cancer with respect to cancer stem cells and immune response to tumour.

Finishing previous workshops by a weekend stay in Prague has been well proven part of meetings giving you time to continue in discussions, prepare new projects and of course to relax in the nice city of Prague. Accommodation in Art-Nouveau Villa Lanna, which is located in silent part of Prague, close to the Prague Castle, is suitable for this purpose.

For almost a thousand years Czech Kingdom and especially Prague has been the meeting place of various cultures, particularly Czech, Jewish and German. Outstanding scientists, philosophers, writers and artists are related to this city. Their ideas often reached far beyond the horizon of everyday needs and troubles of their ordinary contemporaries. The visions of the Czech kings and their architects and artists gave unique character and beauty to this city. The power of a hidden inner order woven into plans according to which the city was built, has protected Prague against destruction and decay during centuries.

The renowned Charles University, founded by the Emperor Charles IV in 1348, sent out rays of education and cognition leading the Czech Nation through centuries of humiliation after the Thirty Years War and even throughout the disasters of the 20th century.

The October days in soothing countryside as well as in beautiful and magical city of Prague are suitable not only for thinking about drug delivery systems and science in general, but also for contemplating your life and circumstances which have brought you into this country.  

So as you walk under the magnificent cathedrals and along silent, narrow streets of the Old Town you may meditate upon the endeavour of medieval alchemists, desiring and trying to transmute non-noble metals into gold and to ennoble the human spirit to reach up to the stars. 

The number 6 is linked with harmony. We will try to prepare balanced attractive scientific as well as social programmes.
Welcome to 6th Workshop on Drug Delivery Systems

Welcome to Liblice Castle and Prague 2008.


Veterinary Research Institute

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in collaboration with

The Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

  The Society of Cell and Gene Therapy, Czech Medical Society, J.E. Purkynje

The Czech Society for Immunology

and under the patronage of the
Ministry of Agriculture

The 6th International Workshop on Drug Delivery Systems for Nanomedicine: chemotherapy, immunotherapy and gene therapy of cancer

will be held on October 3 - 6, 2008

in the Liblice Castle, Congress Centre of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

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Jaroslav Turánek             
Chairman of the Organising Committee