Student Seminar

Just before the 18th EASM Conference, also the European Student Seminar Sportmanagement Prague 2010 (ESSSP) will take place. The Seminar is planned for the period between the 11th and the 15th of September, 2010. Its main topic will be “BREAKING BARRIERS”.

The sport and physical activities generally help to overcome a wide range of barriers – social, health-related, racial, but also economical ones. During the seminar, the students will be introduced to different managerial proceedings and means helping to overcome these and other types of barriers. The participants will learn this knowledge not only passively through lectures, but also by their active approach through a “management game”: They will be able to use their actual knowledge and skills in order to cooperate with other participants to overcome a specific barrier. In the same time, they will better learn to overcome intercultural barriers, also thanks to different social events.

The authors of the most successful student projects from the Seminar will have the possibility to present their projects during the EASM Conference itself. All ESSSP participants can participate at the EASM Conference for free.

The participation at the Seminar and the Conference are a very good occasion not only to learn new knowledge, skills and experience, but also to make new friends and get interesting international contacts. It is also an occasion to get to know Prague, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe!


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