Information for students and tutors

The Student Seminar will take place between the 11th and 15th of September, but it also includes the participation at the EASM conference till the 19th of September (departure). All Seminar participants have their stay, meals and local transportation during the seminar and conference included.

The main part will include lectures and workshops, but also a management game. It will consist of a competition of teams (divided into three groups) of students, solving a chosen barrier for each group. No participant is supposed to know the chosen barriers before the official beginning of the game, in order to ensure fair competition (and also for other reasons specific to the game). From each group, the winner will be supposed to present at the Conference, an overall winner wil also be chosen. The jury will be composed from tutors and maybe also other people, judging several very different criteria. Unless for judging the tutors are supposed to help the students with finding information and some other tasks.

There will not only be the lectures and the management game, but also social events and a tour of Prague.

The Seminar registration will be open on the September 11 from 15.00 (3 p.m.).


All Seminar participants (students and tutors) are asked to provide the Student seminar secretariat with their income travel information to enable the student seminar staff to assist with transportation to the venue..


For further queries, please contact the Student seminar secretariat at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Our staff will be happy to help you.









18th EASM Conference

7 - 10 September 2011
Madrid, Spain