Sport Management and Stakeholders (next ESMQ 2011 special issue)

Call for papers

To date, the overwhelming majority of the corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, stakeholder management and stakeholder theory literature has keen from a business/managerial context, thus the frequent references to “the firm”. Only recently, limited research has applied stakeholder theory to sport. Developing a framework to identify how sports can contribute to social development initiatives through the engagement and commitment of several stakeholders requires consideration of stakeholder management and stakeholder theory. Although very closely aligned, stakeholder management and stakeholder theory are two different concepts. Whereas stakeholder management primarily focuses on examining issues surrounding an organization’s societal responsibilities, stakeholder theory aims to provide the theoretical framework for such an examination.

This workshop seeks to expand our knowledge about the relationship that exists between sport management and stakeholders. By integrating a stakeholders’ vision into sport organizational practices, a systematic approach is provided to conceptualize, comprehend and analyze external environment to facilitate our understanding of, and thereby our ability to manage within, increasingly unpredictable external environments. Sport management is related to several activities, such as sport practices, sport event management, sport communication, sport facility management, sport financing, legacy of sport events, and so on. Therefore, a more detailed analysis of a specific stakeholder framework is sought to balance the costs and benefits associated with sport activities, in terms of economic, environmental, and social issues.
As the relationship between sport management and stakeholders reveals itself at different levels, the Special Issue invites researchers to submit papers addressing a range of topics including but not limited to:

  1. theoretical models for sport management and stakeholders,
  2. the role of key stakeholders in sport organizations,
  3. stakeholder relationships in sport organisations,
  4. stakeholders and performance in sport organizations,
  5. global cross-country models of sport management,
  6. legacy of sport events and stakeholders,
  7. economic, social and environmental impact of sport management on different stakeholders,
  8. sport management and stakeholders in different sectors (e.g., public, nonprofit, and business),
  9. sport management and stakeholders in different organizations (e.g., NGOs, SMEs, private and public companies).

Instruction for contributors and important dates

Invited contributors are expected to submit a full paper before the conference by September 10th 2010. Papers presented at the Conference may be invited to be submitted for consideration for the ESMQ 2011 Special Issue, though other contributions will not be excluded.

Invitation for the ESMQ 2011 Special Issue

Submission of manuscripts is not limited to those participating in the workshop, but open to everyone interested in the topic. Manuscripts should conform to guidelines for the journal (Publication manual of the American Psychological Association 5th edition). Contributions should not exceed 7,000 words although papers of a shorter length are encouraged. Papers should be submitted in electronic format to the editors ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) no later than November 30th 2010.

Dr. Angelo Russo and Prof. Giuseppe Vito
Parthenope University, Department of Institution and Territorial System Studies, Naples, Italy



Panel session 1: Corporate social responsibility in the sport management

Analysis of corporate social responsibility on football: a comparison between Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian clubs
L.M.F.F.d. Cunha, Gest‘ do Desporto, Portugal
G. Hruschka Campestrini, UNIVILLE - Universidade da Regi‘ de Joinville, Brazil
A.d.P.R. Graciano Luz, Universidad de Granada, Spain
V.M. Moreno, Universidad de Granada, Spain

The twin edges of corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility: A synthesis and application to sport
P. Chelladurai, The Ohio State University, USA

Implementing corporate responsibility through partnerships in the football industry
C. Anagnostopoulos, Coventry University, United Kingdom
G. Walters, Birkbeck College, United Kingdom

Organizational identification and its impact on attitudes toward corporate social responsibility: The “internal/external” stakeholder perspective
D.R. Sweeney, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA
S.N. Nguyen, Deakin University, Australia

Corporate social responsibility implementation by professional sports organizations in Canada and France from 1995 to 2010 and evolutions factors
S. Piché, University Lyon 1, France
E. Bayle, University Lyon 3, France

Panel session 2: Investigating stakeholders in the sport management

Why give? Motives for philanthropic giving through foundations within the Union of European Football Associations and the National Football League
J. Hillebrandt, University of Zurich, Switzerland
H. Dietl, University of Zurich, Switzerland
E. Franck, University of Zurich, Switzerland

The changing stakeholder map of Formula One Shanghai
H. Xue, University of Alberta, Canada
D. Mason, University of Alberta, Canada

Measuring the impact of sport events on sport tourism stakeholder’s networks
O. Sallent, Universitat de Vic, Spain

Stakeholder homogeneity or heterogeneity? Opposition to stadium subsidies in Washington, DC and the LGBT community
M. Friedman, University of Maryland, USA
D. Mason, University of Alberta, Canada

Football ownership in England: Body corporate or body community?
S. Bowden, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Panel session 3: Managing stakeholders in sport events

What is an “event-manager”? Insights from the analyses of a complex sport event model
M. Zimmermann, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Issues and strategies pertaining to the Canadian governments’ coordination efforts in relation to the 2010 Olympic Games
M. Parent, University of Ottawa, Canada
B. Leopkey, University of Ottawa, Canada
C. Rouillard, University of Ottawa, Canada

Managing internal stakeholders’ support of major sponsorships
W. Guild, University of Colorado Denver, USA
C. Jepson, University of Colorado Denver, USA

All Black? Stakeholder consequences in New Zealand of the professionalisation and globalisation of rugby union
S. Bowden, University of Waikato, New Zealand

The economic impact of sporting events: A stakeholders perspective
E. Barget, University of Limoges, France
A. Ferrand, University of Poitiers, France









18th EASM Conference

7 - 10 September 2011
Madrid, Spain