Sport policy

Sport Policy Track


For the purpose of this track, sport policy is considered to cover what many consider to be the central issues within national sport policies – elite sport development, anti-doping controls and policies aimed at increasing mass participation in sport – as well as allied areas of government policy that affect sport such as gambling, media broadcasting, urban regeneration, social inclusion, child protection, and the regulation of sporting activities. The intention of this track is to (1) review the current state of knowledge in relation to the study of sport policies in Europe and other parts of the world, (2) identify a future research agenda for sport policy related studies, and (3) facilitate a unique networking opportunity between scholars and students with an interest in the study of sport policy.
Central issues concerning these topics will be discussed, lead by the track chairs (Veerle de Bosscher, Maarten van Bottenburg, Russell Hoye and Matthew Nicholson) and introduced by Professor Barrie Houlihan from Loughborough University.
















18th EASM Conference

7 - 10 September 2011
Madrid, Spain