The 9th European Evaluation Society International Conference
October 6 - 8, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic

Programme Introduction

Welcome to Prague and the EES Conference 2010


Evaluation in the Public Interest: Participation, Politics and Policies


This conference aims at exploring evaluation from its multiple angles and perspectives, addressing various sectors and policy areas along with politics and institutions. Taking place at a time of unprecedented turmoil and uncertainty, the conference revolves around issues such as cohesion policies, participation and partnership, and the contribution of evaluation to the legitimacy of governance in the European space.

The programme encompasses over 140 sessions, (paper presentations, panels, symposia and roundtables) which cover a wide range of evaluations -from regional development and EU programmes to evaluations in developing and transition economies, and from evaluation standards, methodologies and use to gender dimensions in evaluations.

The rich body of methodologies and practices that have been built over the last decades in Europe have contributed to shape the evaluation profession. Research, education institutions and professional associations have spread throughout Europe, and the 2010 conference is the unique opportunity to bring together the outputs, results and queries generated by their initiatives.

Throughout the 3-day conference (and the pre-conference workshops), you will have plenty of opportunities to interact with evaluation scholars, commissioners, managers and practitioners from all over the world and explore with them issues that are central to your own interests and activities."

We all wish you a stimulating and rewarding conference in the beautiful city of Prague!

Ian Davies Maria Bustelo
President Vice-President
European Evaluation Society European Evaluation Society

Conference Planning Committee

Claudine Voyadzis Marie Kaufmann
Co-Chair of the 2010 Conference Co-Chair of the 2010 Conference

Strand Leaders

  Rolene Guilland
  Bastiaan de Laat, coordinator
  Joe O’Hara
  Murray Saunders
  Robert Picciotto

Conference strands

  Strand 1: Ethics, Capabilities and transparency

  Strand 2: Evaluation and Politics

  Strand 3: Evaluation Producers, Beneficiaries, Users and Decision Makers

  Strand 4: Sector Policy Evaluation

  Strand 5: Evaluation in Developing and Transition Economies


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