Czech Hospitality Team (C.H.T.) is  aware of the importance of delivering a high quality transportation service for meetings.


Depending on the scale, diversity and importance of the event we are able to secure optimal planning and management of your transportation requirements which may result, if necessary,  in establishing of dedicated call centre and dispatcher office operating and handling requirements 24 hours a day.


Lack of sufficient road infrastructure is actually limiting seriously growth of Czech Republic. Accession to EU structures accelerated the process of deep restructuring and huge investments in this field but the progressive changes cannot be foreseen before Czech Presidency is finished.  On the contrary, undergone intensive works bring increasingly congestions and even minor road accidents may cause traffic collapse, especially in Prague. Our experience has lead to an in-depth understanding of the critical factors involved in ensuring a safety and successful outcome, thus despite of overloaded traffic C.H.T can secure smooth running operation due to prevention of potential troubles which can be intercepted prior to their occurrence.


Many restrictions in municipal transit can be surpassed by implementing alternative concepts and methods which may finally appear not only more effective, but  faster and more attractive,  like exclusively reserved trains of Prague Metro, transits operated by special lines of historical tramways or introduction of shuttle services secured by special low deck city coaches. All these special means of municipal transportation feature automatically access  to areas which are restricted and otherwise need special permissions. This may happen thanks to understanding and support  of the Prague Public Transit Co, we have excellent rapports with. Other spectacular transits can be arranged for groups with limited number of participants like vintage cars or stagecoaches, not forgetting trips which can combining leisure and entertainment like steamboat cruise under Prague bridges.


For more than 80 years company Čedok has been providing safe and reliable transportation to millions of Czech people and can be considered the pioneer of luxury coach transportation in Europe. Thanks to this member we can boast of own diverse fleet of modern style, air-conditioned coaches and mini coaches available to transport groups with safety, comfort, and style. Well trained staff and chauffeurs operate professionally and efficiently other vehicles and limousines too.


We have resources to provide all types of transportation services for all meetings where sophisticated logistics is necessary and personal service is crucial.  Depending on its importance or scale  we are used to cooperate with authorities, police and diplomatic corps in order to secure additional safety or special treatment. In addition we can also take over the complete planning and management of your transportation requirements including flights reservation which may be secured  on-line from any branch office of Čedok.


We build our image on safety, efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction.