Conference Management

Upon receiving your enquiry including basic guidelines determining type of the meeting we will acknowledge its receipt and will take the liberty of contacting you, if necessary, in order to assemble all important elements about the respective meeting or to better understand specific needs.


In the next step we will generate and submit tailor made feasibility study based on local research and available resources,  accompanied with cost estimate which may meet all budget constraints.  Moreover we may enter in contact with local authorities and  contribute to coordinate your tasks. But first of all we are ready to take care of every single practical and technical aspect to make the organization smooth and easily controllable by the client who may then fully concentrate on his professional tasks. CHT provides a complete integrated solution for management and planning for groups or events based on individual registration of delegates. Our basic tool is licensed,   sophisticated and extremely flexible registration and reservation system named Conference Manager (CM), developed by company COVR (based in Belgium) and used worldwide by associations and organizers of high-profiled events. This online system is highly customizable, its basic features can be easily adapted and new ones easily implemented. With CM you can easily register individuals or groups and reserve all services like accommodation, transportation  or facultative social programs, accompanied  with central billing and online credit card processing. On back-end side the system tracks detailed attendance information by individuals or groups and provides sorted summary statistics every moment you need.


The on-site registration itself flows very fast without queings because all papers can be printed right on spot, on one sheet including badges. Simply all event and conference information is on one place, always updated and ready to be forwarded right to you. The system does not stop its functionality by accomplishing  the registration process  but is ready to bring continued information from sessions and tracks thanks to usage of compatible barcode readers, for example. You can track the  attendance per each session or determine restricted zones whatever the reason is..

All this significantly contributes to coordination and control of the whole package  of services delivered before the meeting starts, during the process of realization and when the meeting is finished. Transportation and logistics, accommodation, delegate services,  transportation, catering,  or audio/visual equipment: every smallest detail we try to handle with maximum care. From simple assembling of conference kits to high-tech ICT and A/V arrangements, everything seems to run automatically but in reality this is pattern of our management skills acquired by experience.