Whatever the definition and profile of the meeting is ...
Czech Hospiltality Team is on hand to ensure that every aspect will be handled  with professionalism and attention to detail.  By means of the extensive network of resources Czech Hospitality Team endeavors to offer services, unrivalled in terms, prices and comfort.   


Direct assistance everywhere in the Czech Republic
secured and  guaranteed  by means of more than 40 front desks throughout Czech Republic including well equipped central office at  Prague Congress Centre hosting  many EU meetings.  The goal  is to facilitate a delightful customer experience and make comfortable working place for the meeting planners, organizers and liaison officers. Our attentive and well informed staff will strive to ensure fulfillment of your tasks and is ready to assist in every detail.


Advanced communication & service packages
adapted to requested meeting format. We are able to create communication links between meeting planners, Czech governmental institutions and the delegates by taking use of  the most advanced technologies and specially trained staff.  You may always comply on our assistance, consultation and help, does not matter if it regards high-profiled event deserving VIP treatment or regular conference, workshop or seminar of your working group.  Events may differ but easy running stays always the common feature.


Proven evidence of comparative costs savings 
We are able to provide services by means of our own resources whether this regards   accommodation, transportation or well trained staff. This makes price difference in favor  of our clients underlined by fact we keep long term cooperation with other leading local hotels, facilities, catering, audio-visual and transportation companies.  Proven evidence is guaranteed by fully  transparent approach towards the clients.


Permanent representative in Brussels
Agnieszka Jablonska-Vezina, our permanent representative in Brussels is  ready to initiate and support all your future prospects. She stays at your disposal to coordinate and plan your further steps and can provide all necessary information, advertising materials etc (see Contacts).