Leisure and Sport

Czech Hospitality Team  (C.H.T.) is aware  that many meetings feature prescribed scheme and fixed schedule allowing   just a limited time for accompanying program.  Nevertheless  we can help  to coordinate your accompanying activities and provide solutions that may help to drive the  meeting to the next level.


In accordance to your schedule we are endeavouring to provide wide range of tours,  leisure time programs, activities and special events both for individuals or groups. We  trust being able to comply with almost  whatever interests of our clients. Duly selected sightseeing and  thematic tours bringing history to life can be operated  for  small  groups  or individuals. Tours can be customized  to cover places of special interests. We can collect you from you hotel or conference venue and drop you at the end of the tour wherever you wish. You will be impressed by calibre of our guides clearly distinguished by excellent language skills, thoughtful informed approach and capability to create momentous events.


The offer of tours can be completed  with variety of  other events. Especially Prague culture life is very abundant throughout a year.  C.H.T. can secure first class tickets for concerts, opera or ballet, not forgetting black light theatre, the original  Czech invention and patent.  If you wish to attend prestigious sporting events, we invite you to join the fans Czech ice-hockey premier league which belongs among the best in the world.

For those who prefer to participate rather than spectate C.H.T. can secure range of sporting and  leisure opportunities including innovative and affordable teambuilding games.