Topolánek: Lisbon treaty not before we assume EU Presidency
topolanek1.jpg that refers to dedicated internet domain is the official logo of Czech Presidency starting 1st January 2009. The colourful logo unveiled during scenic performance by ballet dancers performance has started the second stage of the presidency information campaign that still features faces of presidency: ice hockey star  Jaromir Jagr, goalie of Chelsea Petr Cech,  respected scientist Anotnín Holý, top model Teraza Maxová and others. All these celebrities who achieved international fame play with the sugar cube,  another invention which “came to light” in Bohemia.


However the logo is supposed to replace the slogan Evropě to osladíme (literally "We will make it sweet for Europe") from the first stage of the campaign which risked to be misunderstood defying translation as it centres on an idiom, meaning of which is to give someone (Europe, in this case) a hard time.


The graphic designer and author Tomas Pakosta  explained that the logo compiled from Czech made font "Politic", was also inspired by the Czech presidency leading motto "Europe without barriers" and that nine different colours refer to flags of all member states symbolize another EU motto  "United in diversity".


Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek told reporters the government wanted the logo "to attract the attention of the Czech public" to the forthcoming presidency.  At this occasion he presented the updated considered political priorities of the presidency, mainly "three E" - economy (financial crisis), energy (energy security, climate change), Europe and the world (including eastward policy, integration of the western Balkans). The precise program will be released at the year's end.