EuroNanoForum 2009 - Nanotechnology for Sustainable Economy
Czech-In,  the member of Czech Hospitality  Team  has been officially appointed to secure management and provide services  of  this 4-day high-profiled  conference which is supposed to be attended by more than 1000 delegates.

This meeting  is conceived as an accompanying event within framework of the Czech Presidency Calendar,  organized by the Czech Technological Institute,  under the auspices of the Czech Ministry for Education Youth and Sports  and  promoted  by the European Commission.

Focusing on “Nanotechnology for sustainable economy” the EuroNanoForum 2009 will help to address several acute issues underlining sustainable development of European society and industry, such as need for reduction in carbon emissions and fossil fuels dependence, substantial increase in energy and material efficiency, pollution control, clean water management and sustainable quality of life of the European citizen, through application of nanotechnology.


Besides the presentations, workshops and poster exhibition accompanying industrial exhibition is planned. The exhibition shall demonstrate the state of the art of industrial implementation of technical knowledge into industrial products. The conference EuroNanoForum 2009 will be also accompanied by an independent and unique set of outreaching and communication activities towards a general public.


Excellent conference program supported by top international speakers is being prepared. Czech Hospitality Team has  successfully launched the conference website in the end of 2008 . The online registration,  submission of abstracts as well as hotel reservations are up and running.  Your are welcome to learn more on