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Organizer personal letter

Dear Friends,dana-150pix

I am pleased to introduce you to Expat Expo 2009, the first event of its kind to be staged for the expat community in the Czech Republic.

The idea to organize the inaugural Expat Expo 2009 spawned from our extensive experience in providing services to expats through our ReloCare and ExpatCare branches. Ten years as an expat in the Czech Republic have given me a solid grounding in how to sweeten our clients’ relocation process and day-to-day life. Our smart, friendly, result-oriented support and advice soon transform the uneasy prospect of surviving into joyful trouble-free living.

Expat Expo 2009 is an exceptional event for all concerned. With attendance projected to exceed 5,000, this will be a unique one-stop opportunity for you to learn more about all areas that interest you – whether you want to find out about culture, banking, travel, real estate, education, health care or a plethora of other fields.

Expat Expo is more than an exhibition; it is a superb opportunity to bring individuals and the whole family together. You are welcome to join this event at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds and enjoy a fun day out where you can make new friends. I firmly believe you will appreciate and enjoy the interactive programme, riveting events on the stage and fun activities designed for young and old alike. What is more, international food will be available throughout the day for those missing the taste of home or keen to savour new dishes. Expat Expo 2009 is set to climax in the evening with a unique Halloween Party at the Občanská Plovárna Club.

Expat Expo 2009 is an event of unprecedented significance and scope in the Czech Republic. I am confident that it will prove a matchless, invaluable experience for you and that it will be the springboard for a series of ongoing events.

I look forward to seeing you at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds on 31 October 2009 and at future events in the years to come.


Yours faithfully,

Dana Pick




Prague TV