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Thursday September 3rd

Final Programme in PDF
08:30  Registration
10:00 Opening Session
Mr Vaclav Krepelka - Chairman of Local Organising committee
Mr Pavel Dvorak - Chairman of the CTU Council
Mr Petr Slovacek - Vice-president of Telefonica O2
Mr Barry Reynolds - President of FITCE
10:45 Session 1: "ICT Transformation in Czech Republic"
Chairman: Vaclav Krepelka, Czech Republic
Keynote Presentation
  - Frank Meywerk - T-Mobile, Czech Republic
  - Zdenek Brabec - CVUT FEL Prague, Czech Republic
  - Mr. Peter Zeman - Dept. for CTU International affairs

The role of small and medium CATV operators in providing e-services in the Czech Republic
A. Kuchar, Institute of Photonics & Electronics, Czech Republic
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Session 2: "InfoSociety 2.0"
Chairman: Alessandro Vizzarri, Italy

Telecommunications Infrastructures: the fabric of Biz Ecosystems
R. Saracco, Telecom Italia, Italy

Telco 2.0: Innovation for Telecom Operators
H. Ekkelenkamp, Netherlands

Enriching networked applications and services through user-generated content
O. van Laere, Ghent University, Belgium

Using multi-touch table for virtual reality interactive storytelling
Z. Lou, Alcatel-Lucent, Belgium
15:15 Coffee
15:45 Session 3: "Solutions for delivering multimedia services"
Chairman: Kevin Fogarty, UK

Enabling Next Generation Services through New Network Architecture
Mr Hofer, Telekom Austria, Austria

Realizing the Connected Digital Home: Identifying Value Propositions and Overcoming Inhibitors
F. Pereira, Centre for Telecom Management, USA

Economics of FTTH: a comparative study between active and passive optical networks
J. van Ooteghem, Ghent University, Belgium

Architectures to Address Over The Top Content Distribution
B. Winkelman, Alcatel-Lucent, Netherlands

Evolution of Next Generation Networking for secure multimedia services: The MIH approach
M. Tsagkaropoulos, University of Patras, Greece
17:35 Close of Day

Towards an Open Environment for Advanced Service Offerings over IMS
D. Kabilafkas, Greece

New architecture of elements in converged networks V. Skorpil, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Major Customer ICT Solutions E. Smith, BT, UK

Touched By The City Exploring The City As A Stage For Communication Touch The City's Heartbeat
M. Godon, Alcatel-Lucent, Belgium

Network tomography applied to surveillance of QoS
A. Cuadra Sanchez, Telefonica R&D, Spain

Internet governance and security: a framework for Security regulation in the net
A. Olmos, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain




Friday September 4th

08:45 Session 4: "Will the ICT Transformation result in a green InfoSociety?"
Chairman: Wolfgang Messow, Germany
Keynote presentation: “Green IT”
Matthias Meier, Germany
Green ICT, the Concept, Opportunity and Realities
P. Leonhardt, BT, UK
Green IT - Power for our customers and their ICT products
J. Loose, IfKom, Germany
10:00 Coffee Break
10.30 Session 5: "New developments in mobility"
Chairman: Marc Verbruggen, Belgium
Communication among the cars by the optical fibreless network
J. Latal, VSB Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
Segmentation and adoption forecasts for wireless Internet services onboard trains
T. Evens, Ghent University, Belgium
Evolution of the railway market and his place into the Network system of European Union - the GSM-R implementation across Europe
I. Bibac, France
Evolving Carrier Ethernet towards Managed Services
N.Stephenson, UK
Networks transformation by using advanced broadband topologies with wireless relay stations
G. Agapiou, Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation, Greece
13:45 Session 6: "Effective ICT Business processes"
Chairman: Wim van der Bijl, Netherlands
Mashed Services and Business Models enabled by Next Generation Operating Support Systems (NGOSS)
J. Schonowski, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany - Marc Cimiotti, CGI Group, Germany
Service monitoring platform based on advanced web technologies
A. Cuadra-Sanchez, Telefonica R&D, Spain
A Model for Autonomic Network Management in the Scope of the Future Internet
Chocliouros, Hellenic Telecommunications, Organization, Greece
14:55 Session 7: "Information security & regulatory legal aspects"
Chairman: Alberto Moreno, Spain
How not to achieve "broadband for all"
F. Herrera-González, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
The effect of regulation on New Generation Access Networks
G. Georgiades, Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, Greece
GSM Band's Refarming Public Policy Review
M. C. Ovando Chico, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
16:10 Coffee Break
16:30 Session 8: "Transforming ICT: what’s in it for the user?"
Chairman: George Agapiou, Greece
The need for suitable VoIP Interconnect to support new business models and processes
J. O’Sullivan, Eircom, Ireland
Extended-Home Networks 2.0: Guest starring actor in the social transformation facing the economical crisis
J. Bilbao, IKERLAN, Spain
Video scheduling on the last mile: increasing the user experience for IPTV services over DSL
W. Holvoet, Ghent University, Belgium
An interactive on-line community platform for the intellectual disabled
J. Verbeek, Complaid, Netherlands

Transformation: the challenge for OSS/BSS?
C. Hammerl, Telekom Austria, Austria
ICT-innovation in the era of open innovation: a living lab-approach for mobile TV
D. Schuurman, Ghent University, Belgium
Fostering networking with the local institutional fabric in the context of the Bologna process
C. Martin, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Green IT - Energy Efficiency with modern air conditioning systems
Jürgen Loose,  IfKom, Germany
Local GIS: Open Source Territorial Information System for Local Public Administrations
C. J. Fuertes, Grupo Tecopy, Spain
The role of the Law in regulating information security and safety in next generation intelligent vehicles
Y. G. Yiangoullis, Belgium




Saturday Sep 5th

08:45 Session 9: "New ICT Developments"
Chairman: Marc Verbruggen
Grid and Cloud computing as a tool to transform European economy: legal considerations
D. M. Parilli, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
09:15 Concluding Session: Technical Summary
Final Technical session with summary report and questions for the panel
Wim van der Bijl, Chairman of the Technical Programme Committee
10:00 Panel Session: Wim van der Bijl, Chairman of the Technical Programme Committee

  - Mr Pavel Dvorak - Chairman of the CTU Council
  - Mr Petr Slovacek - Czech Republic
  - Mr Frank Meywerk - T-Mobile Czech Republic
  - Mr Zdenek Brabec - CVUT FEL Prague, Czech Republic
11:30 Closing Session Chairman: Vaclev Krepelka
12:00 FITCE General assembly Chairman: Barry Reynolds





ICT Transformation: Global InfoSociety realization in 2009?

"Transformation is all around us, the convergence of the Communication, Computing and Broadcasting  industries into a full ICT industry is transforming our lives by delivering new services and new applications leading to a Global InfoSociety


Congress Themes:
..…transforming lives…..transforming services…..transforming networks

Keynote speeches and excellent speakers will present and discuss the following topics:

• Transformation of lives, services and networks in the Czech republic
• The reality of the Global Info Society
• Telco 2.0 and Web 2.0 – from infrastructure to services
• User friendly unified communication
• Information security and regulatory legal aspects
• Effective support of business processes and new business models
• Customer tailored communication solutions

We invite you to join us and to participate in this 48th European FITCE Congress in Prague, 2009

This unique event should not be missed by ICT professionals in order to get answers and visions on the transformation happening in society due to ICT developments and the transformation of the communication industry.