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Scientific Programme
 Conference Programme: May 26 – 30, 2008 – Dorint don Giovanni hotel, Prague - Czech Republic
Monday May 26, 2008
Registration 16:00 – 19:30
Tuesday May 27, 2008
Registration 08:30 – 18:00
Opening 09:00 – 09:30
Plenary Session 09:30 – 12:30 – Main Hall 1/2
Chairmen: R. Cavalli, Heinemann
 O-01  Wasterlund  I. For-0056 Productivity and damage on timber with different types of timber feeding rolls in a harvester head
 O-02  Linley D. For-0065 Will Canada's forests run dry? An analysis of Canadian forestry best management practices for water conservation
Coffee – Break 10:30 – 10:45  
O-64  Bishop K. For-0058  Forest management in the upper basin of the blue Nile and its role in Nile hydrosolidarity
O-04  Efthymiou P. N. For-0088  Main technological, ecological and economic constraints in utilizing small-sized wood.
O–05 Berg S. For-0106  Forest operations and its potential impacts on forestry's ability to reduce greenhouse gases and to provide biodiversity. 
  Lunch 12:30 – 13:30 – Poster Sessions - Foyer 
P-01 Dvorak J. For-0002 Tracked harvesters capacity of first power class in spruce stands
P-02 Kiljunen N. For-0003 Towards a thoroughly mechanized wood production chain: the role of planting and pre-commercial thinning
P-03 Sebera J. For-0006 The issue of providing compensations for the restricted management in forests of the Czech Republic with respect to production conditions
P-04 Godan E. For-0031 Considerations regarding the noise level made by the circular saws for longitudinal wood processing
P-05 Uner B. For-0033 Determination of extractive content of Pinus nigra arnold with NIR
P-06 Uner B. For-0034 Determination of lignin content of Pinus brutia arnold. With NIR.
P-07 Klvac R. For-0037 Emissions from the forest operation
P-08 Novak V. For-0039 Evaluation of the quality of the machined surface of spruce and beech wood
P-09 Marecek J. For-0048 Method of decontaminating surfaces of forest roads from oil substances by means of surfactant foams
 P-10 Porsinsky  T.  For-0050 Morphological analysis of chainsaws
 P-11 Skoupy  A. For-0051 Optimizing the power output of mobile machines in    forest operations with respect to minimum emissions
 P-12 Zimbalatti G. For-0061 Technical and economical aspects of cable logging opportunities for firewood in Calabrian forestry
 P-13 Purfuerst T. For-0062 Testing a new method for measuring ground pressure variation for forest tires
 P-14 Dumitrascu R. For-0074 Chemical composition, physical properties and microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of juvenile wood
 P-15 Badescu L. A. For-0100 Research regarding wood chips pH for manufacturing particleboard with cement
 P-16 Badescu L. A. For-0104 Tangible, analogical and mathematical model for branch wood utilization
 P-17 Zecic Z. For-0108 The structure of utilization of oak (quercus robur l.) biomass in final felling
 P-18 Uner B. For-0111 Wood and bark composition of Juglans regia l.
 P-19 Gluschkov S. For-0113 Utilization of wood chips for heating of public buildings in Bulgaria - first steps
Parallel Sessions: 13:30 – 17:30
Session 1 – Main Hall 1
Chairmen: I. Potocnik, V. Messingerova
O-06 Marada P. For–0001  Development of good agroenvironmental practice standards for prevention of game damages
O-07 Robak E. For-0004  The value of optimization in forest operations planning: three case studies in Canada
O-08 Hosseini S. For-0014  Steep terrain and harvesting operations in the hyrcanian forests of Iran
O-09 Nevecerel H. For-0017 Road network quality of the management unit Piscetak - GIS analysis
O-10 Rosca B. For-0019  Researches related to fir chips conduct in producing the wood-cement composite boards
O-11 Sen G. For-0020  Situation of medicinal plant marketing in Turkey(sample of Trabzon)
O-12 Potocnik I. For-0023  Accesibility of fire endangered forests by forest fire-prevention roads
 Coffee – Break 15:15 – 15:30 
O-13 Derczeni R. For-0011 Technological premises for the capitalisation of forests logging developted in Romania in low accesibilty conditions
O-14 Brachetti       
N. For-0041 GIS tools analysis for forest roads network planning
O-15 Lunguleasa A. For-0045  Knowledge about the total coefficient of losses in chipboard technology
O-16 Iordache E. For-0060  Several aspects regarding the social and environmental monitoring of forest roads construction and rehabilitation in Romania
O-17 Cacot E. For-0071  Logs skidding trial with synthetic rope: Pyrenean experience feedback
O-18 Tsioras P.A. For-0090  Modern problems of the Greek forest operations sector
O-19 Bedelean B. For-0105  The reducing of the drying time as a result of the rational use of thermal and electric energy
O-20 Melemez K. For-0109  Evaluation of exposure to whole-body vibration for operators of loading tractors in Turkey
O-21 Machal P. For-0114  Utilization attribute in procedural simulation at optimum assignation of production process
 Session 2 – Main Hall 2
Chairmen: Z. Kopecky, L. A. Badescu
O-22 Neruda J. For-0009  The accuracy of wood measurements in harvester technologies under conditions of the Czech Republic
O-23 Stan C. For-0012  Study concerning the factorial analysis of work parameters in MDF milling
O-24 Badescu L. For-0027  An overview to the optimization of the mechanical wood processing for circular saws
O-25 Neruda J. For-0029  Assessing the constructional parameters of chains of portable power chain saws
O-27 Kopecky Z. For-0055  Problems of the stability of dimensioning circular sawblades
O-28 Neri F. For-0057  Pruning trials in high-quality wood arboriculture plantations
 Coffee – Break 15:15 – 15:30 
O-29 Holopirek J. For-0063  Results experiment of cutting by a bandsaw blade with the knife-shaped geometry of teeth
O-30 Barbu S.M. For-0073  Contributions to the theoretical and experimental modelling of working conditions for solid wood drilling
O-31 Zeleniuc O. For-0077  Thin plywood structure and its influence on the modulus of elasticity
O-32 Zeleniuc O. For-0078  Vibration method used in determination of the dynamic modulus of elasticity for thin plywood
O-34 Geanta C.E. For-0112 Water jet cutting of wood regarding sustainable development, as an alternative to clasical technics of machining
O-35 Gurau L. For-0015 Some mechanical properties and application of panels made of crosscut branches
O-36 Petrovici V. For-0018 Structural adhesive based on technical lignin and furanic resin for load bearing timber structure
Welcome drink 18:00 – 19:00 
Wednesday May 28, 2008
Registration: 08:30 – 14:00
Parallel Sessions: 9:00 – 12:00
Session 3 – Main Hall 1
Chairmen: K. Stampfer, I. Wasterlund
O-37 Uner B. For-0008 The chemical composition of wood, bark of Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.
O-38 Olarescu A. For-0016  Tangible and mathematical model for branch wood utilization
O-39 Klc P. For-0072  The ecologically suitable technology of transport process for low concentrations wood harvesting
O-40 Hlavackova P. For-0047 Logistic support in biomass use
O-41 Kadlec J. For-0052 Possibilities of using the wood ash in forestry
  Coffee – Break 10:00 – 10:15 
O-42 Liska S. For-0054  Power output and operating costs of the chipper model JENZ 420
O-43 Cavalli R. For-0069  Forest road network: a case study in Italy on current condition and development possibilities for supporting wood chips supply chain
O-45 Agbeja B.O. For-0080 Incentives for private forestry in the Southwest Nigeria: prospects for renewable resources in forestry
O-46 Stampfer K. For-0107 Regional wood energy logistics - optimizing local fuel supply
O-47 Devine H. For-0024  An enterprise GIS data model for forest park management
O-48 Dumitrascu R. For-0044  Juvenile wood - a new direction of approach
O-49 Ljubojevic S. For-0081  Nonconventional method of wood extraction in the conditions of low forest opening- a case study from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Session 4 – Main Hall 2
Chairmen: K. Bishop, P. Efthymiou
O-50 Malmer A. For-0026 Carbon sequestration in tropical forest and water, a critical look on the base for generalisations
O-51 Stanovsky M. For-0030 Consideration of forest stand damages caused by harvester technology in northern Slovakia
O-52 Ulrich R. For-0010  Term changes in the content of CO2 in soil air due to the impact of forest machines on soil
O-53 Fairweather T. For-0066 Umbrella policies and the forest umbrella:Governmental and certification forest management standards for the conservation of water resources in Canada
O-54 Iordache E. For-0075 Using GIS applications in road network development  taking into consideration soil erosion  
  Coffee – Break 10:00 – 10:15 
O-55 Nadezdina N. For-0089  Mechanical damage to root systems by forwarders and its application for objective derivation of safe width of extraction trails
O-56 Bishop K. For-0103 Forestry’s contribution to Hg bioaccumulation in freshwaters: How large is it, and can it be reduced?
O-57 Linhartova D. For-0013 Pedagogical and psychological aspects of education in forestry and wood technology
O-59 Smida Z. For-0042 Identification and impact of risks related to spruce monoculture reconstructions
O-60 Pancova -
P. For-0064  Development of the soil physical properties after windrow cultivation by heavy mechanization on the OreMts. plateau
O-61 Mikkonen E. For-0067  Selecting sites for reditching of peatland forests: an expert system application
O-62 Susnjar M. For-0079  Environmental evaluation of skidder by soil cone index and wheel load distribution during timber extraction
Excursion: 12:00 -18:00
Thursday May 29, 2008
Registration 08:00 – 10:00
Excursion 09:00 – 18:00
Friday May 30, 2008
Registration: 08:30 – 12:00
Scientific Committee Meeting: 09:00 – 10:00
Plenary Session  10:00 – 11:00


O-63 Tolunay A. For-0087  Effects of globalization on an upland forest village in Anatolia: a case study of Camlidere village



O-03 Geanta C.E. For-0085 Aspects concerning the water jet cutting of wood and wood based materials


   Closing 11:00 – 12:00