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Welcome Message from rector of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my greatest pleasure to inform you that Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno has prepared an international scientific conference FORTECHENVI© 2008 to be held in Prague from 26-30 May 2008. Programme of the Conference will focus on the presentation of current scientific, research and practical knowledge in the field of environment-friendly applications of machines and technologies in forest and related operations, and their transfer into practice namely through the lifelong university learning.

The conference will focus especially on the current technical, technological, economic, social and ergonomic problems in silvicultural, logging and other forest operations as well as in the related production. Issues to be discussed will include methods for the assessment and study of technology impact on the environment, possibilities to mitigate the impact of forest technologies and operations on the environment, site and watershed impacts of forest operations, factors contributing to the enhancement of environment-friendly timber haulage especially in sloping terrains and as related to the economy of forest operation, prospects for the application of small-scale production technologies, bionics and biotechnologies, management of integrated prevention, issues of the machine-tool-workpiece relation in timber processing, the effect of lifelong university education in the field of forest engineering and wood technology on the transfer of current scientific knowledge and research findings into practice.

Dear Colleagues, using this opportunity, I would like to invite you to the Conference as I am deeply convinced that your attendance will greatly contribute to the success of this prestigious event.

Looking forward to meet you in Prague, I remain

Yours sincerely,

prof. Jaroslav Hlušek, rector

Welcome message from the FORTECHENVI Conference Organizing Committee

A conference focused on the solution of relations between forest technologies and the environment was first held at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno (MZLU Brno) in 2000. The organization of this event was led by efforts to provide an international platform for discussions in the field of research that has been dealt with intensively by the Department of Forest and Wood Technology for a number of years and in which the Department collaborates with numerous foreign and international institutions and authorities. The Conference was then held in 2003 again when a decision was made to organize a similar event every 5 years.

Thanks to the financial support from the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, our research activities intensified in the last ten years and our projects are included in research plans of the Faculty (no. MSM 6215648902 "Forest and wood – Support to functionally integrated forest management and utilization of wood as a renewable raw material", 2005-2011). Newly included since 2007 is a research project no. QH71159 "Model for a multicriterial assessment of environment-friendly skidding technologies" commissioned by the National Agency for Agricultural Research.

The objective of the Conference is to present the latest scientific findings, research results and practical experience from the environment-friendly employment of machines and technologies in forest operations and their transfer into the current practice namely by means of the continuing university education.

The Conference is organized by the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology MZLU Brno, Department of Forest and Wood Technology and by the Institute of Lifelong Learning MZLU Brno.
Co-organizing institution is the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Conference is organized on the platform of:
• IUFRO, Division 3, Unit 3.05.00 – Forest Operations Ecology, and
• EurAgEng (European Society of Agriculture Engineers).

The organizers would like to invite all those who wish to present results of their research work, new findings and experience in issues specified in the General Information (About the Conference). We shall be very much pleased if you decide to use this opportunity and we promise to do our best in order to create a pleasant and friendly environment for the Conference so that you will look forward to its continuation in the future.

Alois Skoupy - chairman
Pavel Machal – project coordinator
Radomir Klvac – contact person

Letter from the Research Plan Coordinator
Dear colleagues,

The FORTECHENVI Conference is organized in a close relation to issues resolved within the framework of our Research Plan and members of our research team are at the same time organizers of the Conference, at which they will present results of their long-term work.

The Research Plan is focused on searching scientific arguments for a new orientation of the forest and landscape management, and possibilities of the wider utilization of timber as a renewable raw material.

Research objectives answer the current needs and requirements of forestry, wood-processing industries and landscaping that are currently imposed on the basic and applied research. Resolved are also problems concerning the fulfilment of international commitments and agreements signed by the Czech Republic such as the Kyoto Protocol, NATURA 2000, etc. Forest research is focused on the evaluation of the functional potential and optimization of management procedures in the most common types of commercial forests and on the management of forests in particularly protected areas. Landscape research concentrates on some new methods of landscape management and new possibilities for an efficient planning of landscaping measures. Research in wood technologies derives from the themes of material engineering with a specific emphasis on wood and wood-based materials including possibilities for their optimal processing and use with respect to environment protection.

Subjects of research are as follows: (1) Optimization of procedures for the multifunctional use of managed forests and forests in particularly protected areas; (2) Forested watersheds of small streams and water reservoirs with a special focus on flood protection and utilization of non-traditional materials and technologies in water erosion control; (3) Research into physical and mechanical properties of wood and wood-based materials and their utilization with respect to consumers’ health safety.
Benefits from the solution of the Research Plan are anticipated in the development of knowledge, and namely in the formulation of outputs for practical application.

I would like to invite to our Conference all those who have something to tell about the topics specified above – both by presenting their own work results or their long-term experience.

Looking forward to meet you at the Conference, I remain


prof. Ji?í Kulhavý

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