Abstract Submission IS CLOSED!


Abstract Submission Guidelines

General Information & Deadlines

  1. Abstracts are to be submitted electronically via online submission system by 30 November 2018
    Abstracts received via fax, e-mail or received after the deadline will not be accepted and therefore will not be considered for the programme or publication.
  2. Authors may submit more than one abstract, but, subject to programme space, only one may be accepted by abstract reviewers.
  3. During the submission a preferred presentation type must be selected for each submitted abstract. Please note the Congress Scientific Committee reserves the right to make the final determination regarding the presentation format of accepted abstracts.
  4. There are two separate submission platforms for Oral/Poster Abstract Submission and Media Theatre Submission. All individual submissions must fulfil the requirements (see Abstract Requirements below). Each author needs to select the submission platform first when logged into his/her Congress Portal account and only then can proceed with the submission itself.
    • Paper/Poster Abstract Submission
      Submission platform dedicated for the following presentation formats:
      • Oral presentation
        A submission of an individual abstract intended to present new research data or other scholarly work. Each selected presentation will be grouped together with 3 x 20-minute educational talks by invited speakers on similar topic. The time allocated for selected oral presentations is 10 minutes. There are 15 minutes allocated for Q&A at the end of each session. All abstract presenters will receive detailed programme of each session when programme is completed.
      • Poster presentation
        Selected poster presentations displaying new research data or other scholarly work will be grouped thematically. A display area will be provided. Posters are presented in a portrait-style measuring 120 cm x 90 cm. It is expected that the author will be present at the poster location during the specified presentation time(s) to discuss the contents with the Congress participants. The exact time schedule will be known when the conference programme is completed.
    • Media Theatre
      • Surgery or Endoscopy video
        An open 60 minutes session consisting of 3-minute videos of surgery or endoscopy procedure.
        An abstract of maximum 100 words explaining the scientific contribution of the video is required together with the video submission.
        Prefered video file formats are .avi, .mov, .mp4. and should not exceed 300MB.
        All media abstracts must fulfil the Abstract Requirements below. They are to be submitted with full details incl. the presentation title, mandatory abstract text structure and full co-authors list with their affiliations and e-mail addresses.
  1. Abstracts are to be submitted into one of the following scientific topics:
    • Gastric Cancer genetics and translational research
    • Pathology and biomarkers
    • Prevention and early detection
    • Diagnosis and staging
    • Endoscopic treatment
    • Surgery and quality assurance
    • Minimally-invasive and robot-assisted surgery
    • Multidisciplinary treatment of localized gastric cancer
    • Management of stage IV gastric cancer
    • Novel drugs and immunotherapy
    • Economic burden of GC and treatment in different healthcare systems
    • Survivorship, Supportive and Palliative care
    • Young Investigators
    • IGCA Special Lectures
    • Presidential Sessions
  1. Abstracts can be amended in the online submission system until the submission deadline 30 November 2018.
  2. All successfully submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the IGCC 2019 Scientific Committee, who will consider its formal aspects and the content and may reconsider the pre-selected presentation type.
  3. All accepted abstracts will form part of the final scientific programme and will be presented onsite as well as published in the official Congress proceedings. Abstracts not suitable for display will be rejected.
  4. All presenting authors will receive an acceptance/rejection notification via e-mail by 14 January, 2019.
  5. All presenting authors are obliged to register by 31 January, 2019. Those presenting authors who will not be registered for the Congress and whose registration will not be fully covered by the deadline will be automatically withdrawn from the final programme.
  6. By submitting an abstract the author(s) are agreeing to publication of the abstract in the congress abstract book and posting of such book to the website after the congress. It is understood that they are not relinquishing copy right to the Congress or IGCC 2019.
  7. Abstract authors are also required to state any conflict of interest during the submission (e.g. grants, fees from private companies, shares, paid positions…)

Abstract Requirements

  1. All abstracts must be written in English.
  2. When submitting your abstract, consider and choose the corresponding scientific topic.
  3. The abstract title is limited by 20 words and must be submitted using the Sentence case (eg. This is the title of my abstract)
  4. Up to 20 authors can be submitted under one abstract (including presenting author).
    The presenting author is selected first; other authors can be added only when the presenting author is submitted. However, the authors order could be changed if needed by swopping the names at the list of the co-authors.
  1. Maximum abstract lengths are:
    • Oral/Poster: 250 words
    • Media Theatre: 100 words plus streaming video link
  2. All paper/poster submissions should follow the following mandatory structure:
    • Objectives – mandatory
    • Methods – mandatory
    • Results – mandatory
    • Conclusions – mandatory
    • References - voluntary
  1. Please have your abstract checked for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and formal structure. The organiser reserves the right to edit abstracts if necessary prior to the publication.   
  2. No pictures/tables/charts are allowed within the abstract text.
  3. No additional files could be uploaded.