Welcome Word

Dear Participants of the International Gastric Cancer Congress 2019,

With great pleasure we announce the 2019 International Gastric Cancer Congress to be held in Prague, 8 - 11 May 2019. Gastric Cancer continues to be a major health problem in Europe, in the Asian-Pacific Region, in America, Middle East and Africa. From a worldwide perspective, almost 1 Mio patients are diagnosed with gastric cancer / year and 750.000 die from this aggressive cancer.

Research on gastric cancer is developing fast. New insights into tumor biology and progress in health care delivery allow for more precise diagnostics, more efficacious treatment and better quality of care. This is more than one reason to profit from this most important and biggest scientific meeting on the topic of gastric cancer worldwide, bringing together delegates from many disciplines, reaching from basic researchers, clinical scientists and physicians from all disciplines and other health care professionals.

Prague is located in the very heart of Europe. It is the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic and has always been a landmark of European science and academic life. We believe that hosting this important event in Prague will inspire and boost the interest on Gastric Cancer in many parts of Europe and worldwide. It will strengthen and reinforce research and collaboration between the Western and the Central-Eastern European countries, where gastric cancer is a major health problem and will bring together professionals from all continents.

Prague is a city of stunning beauty and magnificent architecture, best of all the famous Charles Bridge which crosses the Vltava river (“Moldau”). Prague can be called one of the most captivating cultural heritages in the World.

BUILDING BRIDGES will be the motto of the 2019 International Gastric Cancer Congress. When we are saying this we mean more than bringing together the Eastern and the Western Hemispheres of Europe and of the World: We believe that Prague’s bridges will connect the traditional medical standards with the new and innovative approaches to diagnose and treat gastric cancer, including novel molecular, imaging and robotic techniques which allow for more precision and better treatment outcomes. We also feel that our motto expresses the urgent need for bridging all medical disciplines being involved in gastric cancer care. MULTIDISCIPLINARITY will be our claim for this congress. We will make any effort to make this congress a most valuable experience for surgeons, gastroenterologists, pathologists, basic researchers, young investigators, students, patient advocates and all professions who have a dedicated interest in gastric cancer research and care.

We cordially invite you to Prague in 2019!

Prof. Dr. Florian Lordick
University of Leipzig, Germany
Scientific Congress Chair
Prof. Dr. Petra Tesarova
Charles University Prague, Czech Republic
Congress Secretary