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Phenolic and Resorcinolic Lipids Inhibit the Activity of Acetylcholinesterase GPI-anchor-bound and GPI-anchor-deprived Acetylcholinesterase from Erythrocyte Ghosts

Stasiuk M., Kleta M., Kozubek A.


Serum Level of Selected Components of Antioxidants System Stritecka H., Hlubik P.


Effect of Everyday Consumption of a Fermented Milk Product Enriched with Protein and Fiber to Satiation

Stritecka H., Hlubik P.

Analysis of Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Antioxidants in Supplements by Reversed-Phase HPLC and Corona CAD Detection

Acworth I., Bailey B., Gamache P., Plante M.

Simple and Direct Analysis of Phytosterols in Red Palm Oil by Reverse Phase HPLC and Charged Aerosol Detection

Acworth I., Bailey B., Plante M., Gamache P.
P06 Problems Measuring PolyPhenols by LCMS? Try LCECMS! Acworth I., Gamache P., Waraska J.

The Application of Electrochemistry to the Measurement of Polyphenols in Natural Products and Animal Tissues: Targeted and Metabolomic Studies

Acworth I., Bailey B., Gamache P.

On-Line Electrochemical/LC-MS Techniques for Profi ling and Characterizing Metabolites and Reactive Species

Acworth I., Waraska J., Gamache P.


Determination of the Composition of Natural Products by HPLC with Charged Aerosol Detection

Acworth I., Bailey B., Gamache P.


Simple and Direct Analysis of Falcarinol and Other Polyacetylenic Oxylipins in Carrots by Reverse Phase HPLC and Charged Aerosol Detection

Acworth I., Bailey B., Plante M.


Functional Foods Based on Rice Nemeckova I., Kejmarova M., Dragounova H., Pechacova M., Roubal P., Ouhrabkova J., Rysova J., Paulickova I., Gabrovska D.


The Effects of Thermomechanical Processing on Dietary Fibre of Legumes and Cereals

Slukova M., Regnerova J.


Dynamic Research of Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Properties of Some Species of Polygonaceae

Soyollkham B., Valasek P., Kuban V.


Determination of Polyphenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Activities During the Winemaking Process

Soyollkham B., Kuban V., Valasek P.


Changes in the Content of Mre’s Milk Composition Depending on Some Factors

Tsogtbaatar G., Valasek P., Hoza I.


The Content of Lutein in Marigold Extract Sivel M.
P17 Influence of Fatty Acids and Beta Carotene on Mitochondrial Function of Human Preadipocytes Sliwa A., Goralska J., Kiec-Wilk B., Gruca A., Awsiuk M., Zapala B., Czech U., Polus A., Dembinska-Kiec A.


The Optimalisation of Liquid Chromatography Procedures for the Determination of Short Peptides in Biological Materials Vodickova H., Staszkova L.


Total Phenolic and Total Flavonoid Content in Marjoram and Summer Savory Vabkova J., Neugebauerova J.


Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activity of Different Tomato Pomace Extracts Djilas S., Canadanovic-Brunet J., Cetkovic G., Savatovic S., Cetojevic-Simin D.


Immobilization of Garlic Alliinase in Biocompatible Materials for Neutraceutical Applications Ghanotakis D., Touloupakis E., Anifantaki E.


Production of Carotenoid-rich Yeast Biomass Using Selected Waste Substrates Marova M., Petrik S., Dvorakova T., Haronikova A., Gojkovic Z., Cackova K.


Analysis of Phenolic Content and Antimutagenic Properties in Selected Cereal Products Marova I., Gojkovic Z., Lichnova A., Vondrackova H., Petrik S., Dvorakova T.


Clinical Trail to Evaluate the Impact of Cereal Based Oral Rehydration Solution on the Infants with Acute Diarrhoea Nazni P.


Spectroscopic Properties of DL-alpha-tocopherol and Its Glycosidic Derivative in Phospholipid Membranes Neunert G., Walejko P., Witkowski S., Polewski K.


Microwave Assisted Dynamic Super-heated Water Extraction as Sample Preparation Method for the Chromatographic Analysis of Essential Oils in Herbs Dawidowicz A. L., Rado E.


Polyphenols and Antioxidant Activity of Legume Extracts Manchon Díez N., Moro Lagares C., Palacios I., Garcia-Lafuente A., D’Arrigo M., Villares A., Guillamon E., Martínez J. A., Rostagno M.


Isolation of Polysaccharides from the Fruiting Bodies of Edible Mushrooms Palacios I., Lozano M., Moro C., D’Arrigo M., Rostagno M. A., Martínez J. A., García-Lafuente A., Guillamón E., Villares A.


Determination of Retinol and A-tocopherol in Breast Milk by HPLC – Comparison of Monolithic and Core-shell Technology Krcmova L., Plisek J., Kasparova M., Solichova D., Solich P.


The Combination of Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulphate Can Decrease Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Heinrich J., Barna M.


Development of Methods for the Determination of the Selected Antioxidants in Cereals Belakova S., Benesova K., Mikulikova E., Svoboda Z.


Plasma Phospholipid Fatty Acid Profi le in Female Football Players Arsic A., Tepsic J., Vucic V., Mazic S., Djelic M., Glibetic M.


Determination of Carotenoids in Different Varieties of Tomatoes (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill.) and Their Contribution to Total Antioxidant Activity Kotíková Z., Hejtmánková K.


Biologically Active Compounds in Coloured Varieties of Potatoes Hejtmánková K., Kotíková Z., Pivec V., Orsák M., Hamouz K., Lachman J., Vacek J.


Benzene Formed From Benzoic Acid in Nonalcoholic Beverages in the Presence of Ascorbic Acid Cizkova H., Sevcik R., Rajchl A., Voldrich M.


The Impact of Raw Material, Processing Conditions and Storage on Natural Antioxidants of Commercial Fruit Baby Foods Cizkova H., Sevcik R., Rajchl A., Voldrich M.


Distribution of Phloridzin in Apple and Apple Products Rajchl A., Cizkova H., Voldrich M., Baxant J., Soukupova V., Sevcik R., Opatova H.


The Influence of Adding Antioxidants TBHQ and BHT to Ethanol at Extraction of Lutein from Spinach Cernelic K., Simonovska B., Vovk I.


The Relationships Between Antioxidant Capacity and Bioactive Compounds in Red Wine and an Alcohol-Free Red Wine Extract Sevcik R., Kondrashov A.


Enzyme Peroxidase as an Antioxidant in Green Plants of Spring Barley Ehrenbergerova J., Kleckerova A., Kopacek J., Melisova L., Hrstkova P., Benesova K., Vaculova K.


Tomato Protects Against Focal Cerebral Ischemia

Thukhammee W. , Wattanathorn J., Tong-Un T., Muchimapura S., Wannanond P., Uriyapongson J.


The Neuroprotective and Cognitive Enhancing Effect of Tomato in Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Thukhammee W., Wattanathorn J., Muchimapura S., Sirisa-ard P.


Anacardium occidentale Decreases Muscle Pain and Improves Oxidative Stress Markers Muchimapura S., Wattanathorn J., Thukhammee W., Tong-Un T., Wannanon P.


Evaluation of the Aphrodisiac Activity of Anacardium occidentale Leaves Extract Wattanathorn J., Prabsatru T., Iamsa-ard S., Muchimapura S.


Tomato Pomace Enhances Diabetic Wound Healing

Chonlatip T., Wattanathorn J., Muchimapura S., Wannanond P., Tong-Un T., Uriyapongson J.


Yellow Pigments in Wheat Varieties Sulová R., Pospíchalová M., Balarinová A., Kabátová N., Palicková A


An Electrochemical Analysis of Head-and-neck-tumour Tissue – Content of Low Molecular Mass Thiols Cernei N., Majzlik P., Huska D., Binkova H., Masarik M., Adam V., Kizek R


Sarcosine and Its Role As a Marker for Prostate Carcinoma Cernei N., Gumulec J., Zitka O., Masarik M., Babula P., Adam V., Kizek R.


Sensing of DNA-doxorubicin Interactions Huska D., Kynclova H., Masarik M., Hubalek J., Adam V., Babula P., Eckschlager T., Stiborova M., Kizek R.


Antioxidant Activity of Silene dioica (L.) Clairv. Treated with Heavy Metals – Application for Phytoremediation Krystofova O., Kramarova E., Zehnalek J., Babula P., Adam V., Havel L., Kizek R.


An Accumulation of Zinc, Cadmium and Copper in Streptomyces Bacteria Revealed by Differential Pulse Voltammetry Majzlik P., Stransky A., Babula P., Adam V., Nemec M., Trnkova L., Havel L., Zehnalek J., Kizek R.


Screening of Antioxidant Capacity of Apricots Sochor J., Skutkova H., Adam V., Babula P., Krska B., Horna A., Provaznik I., Kizek R.


Catalytic Metallothionein Signals Measured in Blood Serum Samples from Patients with Malignant Tumours Processed with Fourier Transform and Cyclic Loop Valla M., Kouril J., Masarik M., Adam V., Eckschlager T., Provaznik I., Kizek R.


Chromatographic assay for evaluation of fl uoranthene effect on plant cells Zitka O., Vodicka O., Babula P., Adam V., Havel L., Kummerova M., Beklova M., Kizek R.


Analysis of Essential Oils in Herbal Infusions by Means of Singledrop Microextraction Technique Ventura K., Adam M., Pavlíková P., Dobias P., Bajerová P


Electrochemistry/LC/MS System for Automated Oxidative Metabolism Studies

Kraj A., Brouwer H. J., Eysberg M., Kysilka R., Chervet J. P.


On-line Electrochemistry/MS- a Novel Tool for Predicting Drug Metabolism Kraj A., Brouwer H. J., Reinhoud N., Eysberg M., Kysilka R., Chervet J. P.


Determination of Polyphenols by HPLC in Three Medicinal Plants from Romanian Flora: Helleborus purpurascens, Geranium robertianum, Xanthium spinosum

Gaman E. L., Gilca M., Stoian I., Alifanti C., Filipescu C., Panait E., Delia C., Atanasiu V., Leabu M.


Effects of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Colon Cancer Muscurel C., Atanasiu V., Mohora M., Stoian I. A. M., Gaman L., Iacobescu C., Sandolache B.


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