Tuesday, November 10, 17:25, Prague Congress Centre, Terrace 2A

IPC conference is a great place to grow your professional network and find new perspectives for your ideas. IPC recognises that a lot of ideas and innovations come from a meeting of different views on one specific issue. As IPC's new initiative we have decided to organise workshop – “By Collaboration Towards New Ideas and Opportunities in Research” – that will bring a new element to the conference programme – idea generation and active networking. The workshop will be held on Tuesday after the plenary programme.

Chairman: Martin Haranta
European Union Innovation Expert, Cassovia Life Sciences, Slovakia

Title of presentation: "By Collaboration Towards New Ideas and Opportunities in Research"

The workshop will be interactive and thus your active involvement will be required. Do you have troubles with networking or finding collaboration partners? This workshop will help you solve the problem by creating an environment focused on collaboration and implementing exercises for easier networking.

The workshop will focus on 4 specific areas:

  • Presentations on skills and competencies that are needed to generate new ideas and successful implementation through the whole innovation value chain.
  • Proposal for cooperation – pre-selected speakers will talk about their ideas – discuss them and propose what kind of partners do the seek.
  • Development of new ideas – as an innovative part of the workshop we have decided to use the skills of Innovation Coach. We are looking for your ideas or challenges which you have during your work – you will present them and all intellectual force of attendees will help you, under the methodological lead of Innovation Coach. If you are interested in the analysis of your idea or problem, then contact us at info@probiotic-conference.net by the 15 of June 2020. This is a great opportunity to find a new perspective on your research or you can develop an idea for the scientific project AND find partners for it at one place.
  • B2B meetings – part of the workshop will be focused on bilateral meetings – you can either prearrange meeting with other conference attendees via B2B app announced soon, or attend interactive exercise during workshop without need to arrange or register anywhere. Find new connections and develop your professional network in a networking focused environment.

Who to come?
All conference attendees interested in new research and business connections in order to maximise the impact of their participation at IPC conference.

Why to come?

  • If you are interested in new professional relationships,
  • if you are seeking new ideas,
  • or to find a new way of how to generate an idea,

then you should definitely attend - By Collaboration Towards New Ideas and Opportunities in Research - workshop.

All participants are kindly recommended to register via the Online Registration Form. Please read the instructions on the website carefully.

Interested in developing your ideas or discussing problems at the workshop? Send your request or proposals to the info@probiotic-conference.net till the 15 of June 2020.

We cordially invite you and look forward to your participation!