Martin Haranta

My education and career experience have lead me through various stages of innovation/idea development – starting at basic relationships in innovation ecosystem through research towards commercialization. I am currently utilizing them in helping other people with their innovation dreams and in development of international projects focused on solving problems in innovation environment both regional and general challenges.

I have started my career as a member of project team at 2 international research projects focused on knowledge based bioeconomy, that were financed under the 7th framework programme of the EU. After a year, I was promoted to the position of a work package leader responsible for communication and technology transfer, what became the major challenge for my professional life. In following years I have been partner within 8 international projects in the field of R&I (Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, Interreg Europe, Interreg Danube), in most of them at leadership position.

In parallel to project activities, I became a lead in establishment of the first life sciences oriented R&I cluster in Slovakia, which is proven to be major challenge, due to specificity of the Slovak environment. This effort helped me to widen professional network significantly and enabled me to develop new ideas and understand differences between the EU countries and address their specific needs in my work. I became a certified professional of socio-technological integration that helped me to better understand challenges of research and mainly why their efforts are not usually translated to real outcomes.

I have collected broad knowledge of innovation value chain through my experience and I became to specialize on innovation strategy – mainly how to make innovation happen in reality. I work on this issue with both academic and private sectors and I often try to find merge of their skills in order to produce tangible and marketable results.