Sin Hyeog Im IPC


Sin-Hyeog Im, President of IPC2020, Chairman of Scientific Committee
POSTECH, Institute for Basic Science, South Korea

Elinor McCartney IPC

Elinor McCartney
Food Chain Legislation Expert, Pen & Tec Consulting, 

Ajay Awati IPC

Ajay A. Awati
Global Category Manager, EW Nutrition GmBH, Germany

Alojz Bomba IPC

Alojz Bomba
UPJŠ,  Institute of Experimental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Slovakia

Patrice Cani IPC


Patrice Cani
Louvain Drug Research Institute, Metabolism and Nutrition, Belgium

Vincenzo Cesi IPC


Vincenzo Cesi
Division Health Protection Technologies - CR ENEA, Italy

Eric Guillemard IPC


Eric Guillemard
R&D Dairy - Innovation Science and Nutrition, Danone Nutricia Research, France

Gwenael Jan

Gwénaël Jan
French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France

Wilhelm Holzapfel IPC

Wilhelm Holzapfel
Handong Global University, Pohang, Republic of Korea

Yasuhiro Koga IPC


Yasuhiro Koga
Tokai University School of Medicine, Laboratory for Infectious Diseases, Japan

Svetoslav Todorov IPC

Svetoslav Todorov
Handong Global University, Pohang, Republic of Korea

Bruno Pot IPC

Bruno Pot
Science Director at Yakult Europe, PRI president,

Bruno Pot IPC

Prof. Hania Szajewska, PhD.
Professor and Chair of Pediatrics at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

Bruno Pot IPC

Koen Venema
Gut Microbiology at Maastricht University, Netherlands

Bruno Pot IPC

Arthur Ouwenhand
IFF Nutrition & Biosciences, Kantvik, Finland

Bruno Pot IPC

Nina Vinot
TargEDys, Business Development, Longjumeau, France

George Paraskevakos
Executive director of the International Probiotics Association (IPA), Canada